Deborah Golend Clinical Psychologist BSc, MSc, CPsychol
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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

There are so many different forms of therapy, how do I know the difference between them and what is right for me?

I am trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. I also draw heavily on techniques from Body-Centred Psychotherapies

What are these?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.(CBT) and Mindfulness
CBT works on the strong connection that exists between our thoughts, our feelings, and our behaviours. For example, if we hold a belief " I never enjoy social gatherings" ( thought),an invitation to a party is likely to produce feelings of anxiety ( feeling) and chances are we will makeup an excuse to avoid it ( behaviour), thus fullfilling our belief. It's a vicious circle. By exploring these different aspects and looking at ways to challenge them, we allow the possibility of change to occur.

EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Densitisation and Reprocessing. It is a therapeutic method which uses bilateral stimulation to help clients remove negative associations with past and present experiences and distressing memories. EMDR along with CBT is recognised by N.I.C.E (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) as the treatment of choice for Trauma. Click to EMDR link to find out more.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.
This therapeutic approach allows the client to explore, within the context of a safe therapeutic relaionship how our past experiences can influence our present day feelings and relationships. Within longer term work, there is an opportunity to explore the influence of our unconscious dynamics and by bringing this into conscious awareness, change can occur.

How do I know what approach will suit me?
Our first meeting will be a consultation appointment, which will give us an opportunity to get a good overview of your current concerns and think together about the approach that both of us feel would be most appropriate for you.


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